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Consumer Law (SP)

Consumer Law (SP)

Legal assistance in questions related to the consumption of products and services in general, in problems related to the quality of products and services, prevention and damages repair resulting from consumption process.

Consumer health and safety protection in situations that may result in damages to the company, including:

  • Commercial practices such as special offers, advertising, quotations, abusive conduct, debt collection, consumers’ databank and records (SPC – CREDIT PROTECION SERVICE, SERASA – CREDIT PROTECTION SERVICE, CCF – REGISTER OF BOUNCED CHECKS), right of withdrawal;
  • Health plan contracts;
  • Consumer debt collection before banks, credit card companies, credit companies and similar institutions (renegotiation of contracts);
  • Defense against indemnification claims affecting credit records, in the undue inscription in noncompliance registers;
  • Review and orientation in the drafting of existing clauses in adhesion contracts, products and services supply (health plans, transportation, tourism, travel, lodging, warehousing, parking lots, insurance, private retirement plans, banks, financing, consortia management, supply of public services and others);
  • Litigation in claims involving pain and suffering in consumption processes, including purchases through the internet, telemarketing etc.;
  • Administrative defense before PROCON (Consumer Protection Agency) and other administrative agencies; preventive orientation and monitoring of claims in process at all levels of the judiciary.