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The Establishment of Foreign Companies in Brazil (SP)

The Establishment of Foreign Companies in Brazil (SP)

Assistance to clients who wish to commence activities in Brazil, in consultation with all areas of expertise of the firm and coordination in the interface among those practice areas with clients from abroad, with emphasis on the corporate, labor, litigation, tax, contractual and intellectual property areas, among others, on operational aspects of how to do business in and with Brazil;

Assistance in the formulation of strategies and monitoring of activities until and following their completion;

Assistance in the forms and options for the implementation of activities, such as the establishment, acquisition of, and participation in, companies, in the formation of joint ventures, and in the implementation of distribution and commercial representation agreements.

Assistance in the structuring and implementation process until the company or the project reaches the operational stage, and beyond, helping in the identification and elimination of cultural gaps in the manner business is conducted in Brazil.

Assistance to national clients in complex processes for the solution of disputes regarding division of assets, in negotiations and counseling, at all times with the support of the areas of expertise of the firm.