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Rosman, Penalva, Souza Leão, Franco, Vale Advogados

ROSMAN, PENALVA, SOUZA LEÃO, FRANCO, VALE combines the synergy of law firms from the Cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo with a commitment to excellence in the provision of legal services based on the principles that governed the firm founded in 1964 by José Luiz Bulhões Pedreira (1925-2006) and Antonio Fernando de Bulhões Carvalho (1925-2009) under the firm name “Bulhões Pedreira, Bulhões Carvalho e Advogados Associados”.

With offices in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, the firm assists clients from Brazil and abroad, in their principal areas of activity, for the advancement and protection of the interests of their clients in a world challenged in its political, social and economic principles that affect the life of companies that struggle to maintain their existence and capacity to operate for the benefit of society.

Operating in the principal areas of the law, both in providing legal advice and in litigation, that include corporate, bankruptcy and corporate reorganization, consulting and litigation in civil law, tax, insurance and reinsurance, mediation and arbitration, capital markets, M&A, contracts, real estate, administrative law, intellectual property, the establishment of foreign companies in Brazil, registration of foreign capital before the Central Bank of Brazil,  commercial law, corporate and financial markets law including banking Law, regulatory/administrative law of the National Financial System and sanctioning of administrative processes in the segment, labor law through an associated law firm, the professionals of the firm help clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory universe of Brazil with its own peculiarities but increasingly integrated into the international business community.

Our attorneys have experience accumulated over many decades in the various areas of the law in which they practice and operate and in the business sectors in which our clients are involved. They also are committed to the continuous improvement of their skills, which distinguishes them in the community in which they operate, enabling each professional to render services of the highest possible standards to their clients promptly, sensitive to the clients’ needs.

Prompt and high quality attention to clients, which lead to maintaining clients for the long term and the establishment of mutually beneficial relationships where tangible benefits are measured by the benefit to the clients, in an atmosphere of cooperation, unity and respect are fundamental principles of the firm.

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Rio de Janeiro

Rua da Assembléia, 10 / 38th Floor - Centro - Rio de Janeiro / RJ / Brazil / CEP 20011-901

São Paulo

Rua Jerônimo da Veiga, 45 / 2nd floor, Suite 21 and 4th floor, suítes 42, 43 and 44- Itaim Bibi - São Paulo / SP / Brazil / CEP 04536-000