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Tax Consulting and Litigation (SP)

Tax Consulting and Litigation (SP)

Assistance in the drafting and review of tax planning, including from corporate reorganizations, focusing on the evaluation and reduction of contingencies.

Advice and drafting of legal opinions to national and foreign clients involving the interpretation of Brazilian tax legislation regarding all types of taxes and related obligations;

Interface with the municipal, state and federal treasuries for obtaining rulings on formal requests;

Legal advice regarding obtaining fiscal incentives and special taxation regimes, including the recognition of immunities and exemptions, installment tax payments and similar arrangements;

Tax litigation in both the administrative and judicial realms, at the federal, state and municipal levels, in courts at all levels, relating to all types of taxes;

Assistance in tax audits, legal research and utilization of tax credits;

Obtaining administrative or judicial certificates of tax good standing for the participation in contractual arrangements with the government and in bidding processes;

Close cooperation with international firms specializing in the tax area, for access to and exchange of information on tax laws of different jurisdictions, their benefits and consequences to local and foreign companies.