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Corporate Law (SP)

Corporate Law (SP)

Assistance in the formation of companies, joint ventures, consortia, specific purpose companies, foundations and other forms of association and partnership, corporate reorganization including from mergers, amalgamation, spin-offs, conversion of type and liquidation of companies;

Assistance in providing advice and in due diligence processes, in M&A and other transactions;

Assistance in buying and selling of companies and of ownership interests in companies;

Drafting of Articles of Association and of Bylaws, and amendments thereto;

Drafting of Minutes of General Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings;

Drafting minutes of Shareholders’ and Quotaholders’ Meetings, of Boards of Officers and Audit Councils;

Drafting of Shareholders’ and Quotaholders’ Agreements;

Representation of shareholders in General and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings;

Assistance in the registration of corporate documents with the Commercial Registry;

Assistance in the dissolution of companies, drafting of relevant data and entries into corporate documentation, in the obtaining of licenses and certificates with State and Municipal government entities, of DBEs (Basic Document of Entry) before the Brazilian Federal Revenue Agency;

Drafting of Powers-of-attorney and Minutes of Quotaholders’ Meetings for participation in bidding processes;

Opening and closing of branches, including in other states of the country and arranging for publication of corporate actions in newspapers of wide circulation;

Organization and regularization of file information with State Commercial Registries;

Dealings with Consulates as well as with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the legalization (Apostille) of foreign documents or of documents for use abroad.