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Labor Law (SP)

Labor Law (SP)

Through an associated firm

Consulting and litigation in labor and social security matters, with emphasis on the representation of the defendant, due diligence for the identification of labor risks in the acquisition or sale of companies and in the establishment of joint ventures.

Preventive review of procedures adopted by companies, management of conflicts in all aspects of the employment relationship, advice and drafting of employment agreements for employees, partners and administrators (officers), including benefits up to the rescission of such agreements in search for the least onerous solution to the company, and lowest potential for risks of labor liability.

Advice in the handling of collective bargaining negotiations as well as the participation in the discussions with the unions, in defense of the interests of the employer.  Identification of practices adopted in the working environment that may give rise to risks to the health and safety of employees, enabling the use of alternatives that reduce the risk of accidents and occupational hazards, without interfering with the productivity of the company.

Representation of clients in claims of high economic and strategic relevance, or public relations impact risks, especially actions initiated by the Labor Prosecution Office and by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, such as public civil claims, class actions, fiscal executions and indemnification claims resulting from labor related accidents, presentation of oral arguments before the higher courts,  contingency reports, status reports and drafting of agreements and legal opinions for possible solution of conflicts, monitoring of claims in all labor law courts, throughout Brazil including with the support from correspondents from several different states in the country.

Advice to clients in the structuring of their Compliance function in the labor area, with the involvement of the highest level management, support in the drafting of codes of ethics, internal policies and procedures and periodic risk assessment reviews based on accounting records, internal controls, whistle blower channels, due diligence in the hiring of third parties, due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, internal investigations, the provision of incentives and disciplinary measures and continued improvement in the prevention of corruption, corporate fraud and other non-conformities with the law, so as to ensure the sustainability of the business with the aim of meeting requirements of Law 12.846/13 (Anticorruption Law).