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Attorney Caetano de Vasconcellos Neto joins the Firm

Published in 12 . July . 2017

Attorney Caetano de Vasconcellos Neto, specializing in commercial law, corporate and financial markets law including banking law, regulatory/administrative law of the National Financial System and sanctioning of administrative processes in this segment, joins the firm, strengthening its practice in the banking area in view of his broad experience in structured operations in the financial market as well as in special regimes of bank Resolution decreed by the Central Bank of Brazil.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Operating in the principal areas of the law, both in providing legal advice and in litigation, that include corporate, bankruptcy and corporate reorganization, consulting and litigation in civil law, tax, insurance and reinsurance, mediation and arbitration, capital markets, M&A, contracts, real estate, administrative law, intellectual property, the establishment of foreign companies in Brazil, registration of foreign capital before the Central Bank of Brazil, labor law through an associated law firm, the professionals of the firm help clients navigate the complex legal and regulatory universe of Brazil with its own peculiarities but increasingly integrated into the international business community.

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